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Mirak Boxers selectively breeds Boxers from imported foreign bloodlines. We specialize in rearing our Boxers on a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet.  We strive to produce healthy, well socialized boxers suitable for an active lifestyle and family companion. 

Working Boxer & IPO...

This section will focus on the "working" boxer and International Utility Dog Trials "IPO" ( formerly Schutzhund). 

Coming Soon...

Latest Photos

2017 Jahressieger California USA

This year, Claremont California was the venue for the United State Boxer Association (USABOX), Specialty shows. The shows were hosted by Boxers West, USABOX and judged by Mr. Pedro Bispo of Portugal and Mr. Mathias Wolf of Germany.

Mr. Bispo's and Mr. Wolf's expertise and admiration of the boxer breed was apparent in their judging and interaction with the exhibits and spectators. Well writen critiques of each exhibit were given by both judges and their placings were explained to presenters and spectators.

Thank you USABOX and BoxersWest for bringing two boxer experts to the United States.