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Mirak Boxers selectively breeds Boxers from imported foreign bloodlines. We specialize in rearing our Boxers on a complete raw food diet. 


Mirak Boxers are the perfect addition to an active family lifestyle:
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  • Performance
  • Agility & Obedience
  • Search & Rescue, Therapy Dogs


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PLEASE HELP Raice's Surgery...


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Raice is a three year old boxer that I have trained for wilderness Search and Rescue. She earned her IPWDA (International Police Work Dog Association) certification last year. Two months ago during training, she took a spill that has caused her to become lame in her left rear leg. There is a good possibility that her lameness from that incident resulted from a tear to her meniscus. The only way to know for sure is to have her knee "scoped" to determine if there is any damage and, if there is, to repair it. If her lameness is a result from an ACL tear, it can also be identified and repaired and Raice will be on her way to recovery and back to 100% for search work. Thank you all for your time here and any help you can provide!


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