Mirak Boxers - "Quality Worldwide" - Boxer Breeder, Arizona


The Experience of Owning Mirak

Mirak Boxers selectively breeds Boxers from imported foreign bloodlines. We specialize in rearing our Boxers on a complete raw food diet. 


Mirak Boxers are the perfect addition to an active family lifestyle:
  • Companion Family Dog
  • Performance
  • Agility & Obedience
  • Search & Rescue, Therapy Dogs


Registered BARF Breeder


Join us at the 2014 USA- Boxer Association Championship Sieger Show
Hosted by: Boxers West - Nov. 21-23, 2014  Claremont, California
Guest Judge - Angelika Hartmann (Germany)

Interested in raising a Mirak puppy for us?
We are looking for a few puppy raisers for our program. Although we will educate and support you along the process, You must have some previous “dog experience”. Complete background check will be performed and a formal contract signed for each puppy. Contact us for information. Must be in the USA, preferably Arizona or nearby states.

Interested in co-owning a breeding male or female?

If you are interested in co-owning a breeding female or stud male, contact me for information. Must be in the USA, preferably Arizona or nearby states.





  • Happy 9th Birthday ILARIA & DENVER


  • K9 Raice - IPWDA Basic Wilderness Area Search certified



Raw Diet Recipe